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Wiggie to form party, contest PC poll

Former Northern Province Chief Minister (CM) C.V. Wigneswaran said he will contest at the upcoming Provincial Council election under his newly formed party “Thamizh Makkal Kootani” (TMK).

Speaking of his future political aspirations in Jaffna yesterday, Wigneswaran thanked all who supported his political journey in the past five years and said the party was formed to ensure the protection of rights and lives of Tamil people.

He said that he has four options with the end of his term as the chief minister: first is to go home silently, second is to join a political party and contest for the elections, third is to form a political party on his own and fourth option is to lead the people.

“If I choose the first option, my family would be happy and even I can enjoy my retirement. If I am to take such a decision, I should never have stepped into politics and it will discourage many people and the promises that I have made to them which is against my conscience. So I will not take that decision”, he said.

 He said that he does not represent any party and added that after he won the elections, TNA tried to use him as a puppet to which he never agreed.

“There is four years gap between me and TNA now. The gap increased as there were no solutions to issues faced by the Tamil people. Therefore, I cannot even think of contesting with the TNA. As long as I do not act as a puppet even they would not agree to give a chance, he said.

Wigeneswaran said the TNA has forgotten its vision and is now working according to the whims and fancies of the government.

“The TNA has accepted the unitary system of government and that it is a Buddhist country.They should explain their state on this matter,”he said.

“Tamils fought equally with the Sinhalese for the independence of the country. But it was very unfortunate when the Sinhalese took all initiatives to keep all administration under their purview after 1920”, he said. He said that Tamils have been fighting for their rights since then and added that they gained political rightsto an extent after 2009.

“Tamils should continue to fight for their rights and it is a struggle for self defence.Tamils would have disappeared if we had not fought for our identity”, he said.

He said former President Mahinda Rajapaksa after the end of war and the present government with the national government got ample opportunities to strengthen reconciliation, yet no effective measures were taken.

Another party won’t solve issues - TNA

Former TNA Northern Provincial Councillor M. K. Sivajilingam yesterday said that the Tamil people do not want to have another party or new Chief Minister but they want to have a permanent solution to the ethnic issue.

“There is no point of forming political parties.All parties should get together to achieve a permanent solution to the Tamils’ issue,” he said.

Sivajilingam said former Chief Minister C.V.Vigneswaran invited him to join his new political party but he politely declined his invitation.

“Wigneswaran should join hands with Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan, if he wants to achieve a sustainable solution to the Tamil’s issues. Our objectives will never realise, if we are divided in terms of political parties,” he said.




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