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Money caused cricket’s downfall - Arjuna

Former Test cricket captain, Minister Arjuna Ranatunga said that the main reason for cricket's disastrous downfall is money.

He made this statement at the second day opening ceremony of the XBAN 2018 Exhibition at the Bandaranayake College, Gampaha yesterday (11).

"It was a great pride for our hearts to represent the school cricket team or National team. Especially when representing the National team we felt that pride. We are the representatives of country's 20 million people. It was a great honor for us. That honor was never betrayed for money. But what happened today? There is a culture of going behind money today. It is in our society too. Now we need to see how we can get rid of this. In the past few days, we heard some sad news about cricket. Why did cricket fall into such a state? The main reason for this is that the SLC and some players are going behind money. Now, the time has come to change this situation. We are not too late...," Minister Ranatunga said. Speaking further, Minister said that the main reason for the current situation is forgetting the loyalty to country.

"Our teachers used a rod to punish us to make a good person. Therefore, I am not against the use of a rod to punish students. In the past there were no Human Rights activities like today. When teacher punish a student he goes to the police station. We have also destroyed our culture through this. Actually, the biggest obstacle that we are facing today is forgetting our identity. We cannot go forward forgetting our identity," Minister further said.


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