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Grama niladaris threaten TU action

Representatives of the Grama Niladaris Association urged the government to rectify several issues relating to their service, at a media conference in Colombo on Wednesday.

They warned the government not to force them to opt for trade union action by not heeding their issues.

Government Grama Niladaris Association (GGNA) Chairman U.A.D.S. Perera said they were contemplating trade union action in the near future. As an initial step, leaflets were distributed to make people aware about their issues.

Speaking on their demands, he said that they need an incentive for assisting the process of issuing identity cards. Besides, they asked for a service minute relating to their service.

“We had around 25 rounds of discussions with several ministries and authorities about the issues we have relating to our service. But those authorities have failed to rectify them,” he said.

Perera said the government has not taken measures to provide separate offices for them, as most of the offices are at religious places such as temples, or at rented rooms.

“Even though there are 14,000 Grama Niladaris in the country, the government has constructed only 2,000 officers so far,” Perera said.


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