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Aspire RCM offers young professionals a pathway in healthcare

Aspire RCM CEO  Shabney Ismail
Aspire RCM CEO Shabney Ismail

Aspire RCM, a US Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) training institute in Sri Lanka, offers young professionals and school leavers a pathway to pursue an exciting career in the fast-expanding US healthcare KPO industry in Sri Lanka.

Aspire RCM is also providing RCM companies the opportunity to streamline their operations in order to enhance their employee knowledge and skill levels in RCM through their advanced training.

The US healthcare industry is a US$ 3.2 trillion industry that is widely known to be stable and constantly expanding. These KPO companies are growing rapidly in Sri Lanka, creating a whole new line of work and providing employment opportunities for thousands of young Sri Lankans.

The number of Healthcare RCM companies in Sri Lanka has grown from three to eleven from 2012 to 2018 while the number of employees has grown from 375 to over 2,000 and therefore the potential for KPO business from the RCM industry is significant.

Aspire RCM’s main objective is to offer young Sri Lankans the basic industry knowledge through a specialised training course that will help them step into this booming industry. In order to achieve this, Aspire RCM offers a foundation training course titled “Basics in Medical Billing & RCM” which is a 1-month course thatgears them up to enter the industry.

Aspire RCM also offers several advanced courses for RCM companies to further the knowledge of their employees in the industry. The “Advanced Medical Billing” and “Advanced Medical Collections” aretraining coursesfor Billing and Collections Executives who have served a minimum 6 months in their respective job roles.

They also offer the “Corporate Management Training” course which is a tailor-made training coursefor aspiring managers of RCM companies to enhancetheir team management knowledge via customized management training specific to their industry.Additionally, they provide “Employee Assessment Consulting”, a convenientsolution which RCM companies can utilize to obtain independent, third party reviews of their employees for the purpose of company promotions, performance evaluations and identifying training needs.

Expressing his views, Shabney Ismail - CEO of Aspire RCM stated, “Entering the KPO industry can offer a young professional or a school leaver the chance to go up the career ladder and reach a greater position in life in a much shorter time than the traditionally popular careers of marketing, finance, ICT or management. The younger generation of Sri Lanka need to look at the newer opportunities coming into the country not just in US healthcare but in other industries as well.



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