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AIA Insurance promotes ‘happy parenting’ with series of semianrs

AIA Insurance is conducting a series of seminars across the country, with the objective of educating and advising parents on the importance of positive and happy parenting, while keeping abreast of changes in the world.

This island-wide drive by AIA is intended at providing professional expertise and advice to parents, covering the physical and psychological aspects of parenting and wellbeing of both parents and kids.

Bringing up happy and successful children is every parents’ key focus, but sometimes, they need a little advice on how best to achieve this objective. Parents devote themselves to ensuring they ‘raise their kids right’, but sometimes in the process they get stressed and challenged. ‘Happy parenting’ is therefore an essential part of raising children, ensuring that both parents and kids are content and happy.

Parents need to keep up with the changes and developments taking place in today’s world that influence their children’s lives. They need to anticipate, adapt and learn what it means to be a good parent in today’s technological, digital and social age.

AIA’s research and insights suggest that parents all over the island recognize the challenges and are looking for support in helping their families live a healthier and better life.

This unique programme, attended by both parents and children, also helps in understanding the importance of financial health, to ensure brighter futures for the family. Combining parenting research, with professional advice, attendees discovered the key to making families happy and raising resilient kids, while building a strong connection with your children and really understanding them.


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