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Sri Rugby proud hosts Asian 7s finals...but stare down both barrels

Greetings and traditional welcome to all our Asian rugby brothers, sisters plus head coaches.

Our city by the sea and champion Racecourse ...will certainly be a voyage of discovery on many levels, as the red carpet captures their imagination totally.

Sri Lanka has an absolute task on their hands ... and intense pressure to press for podium finishes.

Both teams staring down both barrels with no love lost and literally everything to play for.

The majestic setting quite able to soak up a massive step up performance from our islanders in the middle.

Expectations are that we will shock the home fans with skills that throw the final dice in our favour.

The pressure is on...and no compromise at all.

Naturally it’s the team and leader to live up or that relentless pendulum swings.

As I have said before...and a well documented performance stat, is efficient effective prep....under players grow familiar and feed on confidence.

Fitness beyond human and super skills that separate....good from average, exceptional from good, brilliant from exceptional and last....genius from brilliant.

This is pretty much the bloodline for 7s royalty, and massively significant in the middle.

There is much wax about pure pace, and rightfully so....teams reserve their blitzer...making sure you don’t over run or exhaust them in the build up to the final 2 matches.

Finishing and finishers are like uncut diamonds.

Tabs on their reserve and fuel gauge, innovative, and vital to the BIG W..!

Lack of planning is condemning your team to ‘good luck’ and survival...

Run a Carlyn Isles, Perry Baker... Dan Norton. Or a Kolinasau, in your opening 7....or plan for an injection of devastating pace that decimates and shreds defences, in the 2nd half.

Planning and patterns of play crucial to wellness and the desired results.

For your Sri islanders strike against Japan, Hong Kong, captain Sooriyabandara, return from injury Danushka Ranjan, Kavindu, Sudam, Naveen Henakan.....our oxygen to blitz some magic against the big Asian titans.

Concern in my deckchair expert mind, is Danu Ranjans match response protocol and blood fitness to last the critical phases as we conclude from quarterfinals up.

The best answer will come from our lads recovery under pressure.

There is no place to seek shelter and Danushka’s muscle memory will glam up or condemn him as per level of his performance fitness.

It’s a complete ....all or nothing theory.

Whatever happens our targets are still the same top 4 from Korea.

So it’s intense focus from your warm up onwards.

Both coaches hoping and a few prayers too for coach Woods and Sampath ....dead legged with injuries to Muthu, Jason, Danushka, Gayan.

For the women Randika, captain Hemakumari and Anusha vital to finishing in the top 4.

Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Kazakstan are the looming clouds for sure success at home.

Massive leadership from Sanju and inspiring courage ...guts and pure pace from Thanuja and Ayesha to fashion our podium finish.

We are at home and gloriously familiar running on our home turf with fanatical support and will to cause some major upsets on both days.

All hail our 7s warriors for the big finals with our own script.

It’s all or big the Sri Island Heart...?

How we step up is the pride to finish, and the belief in our rich island inheritance.

Bula bula this is Sri 7s......


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