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School going made mandatory for 13 years

Thirteen years of school education has been made mandatory for all children in the country. Legal provisions may be introduced in future to enable legal action against parents who do not send their children to school, Justice and Prison Reforms Minister Thalatha Athukorale said. The Minister was addressing a meeting after inaugurating the Embilipitiya Gal Amuna Water Supply Scheme costing Rs. 19 million built under the World Bank funded water supply and sanitation programme recently.

Minister Athukorale said the country had lagged behind in development by about 70 years due to politics which had been the bane of the country.

“Everytime the UNP rebuilds the country and its economy, the opposition groups came to power and ruined it. Today, no one spoke about the good work done by the present government. For instance, the Health Minister had drastically reduced the prizes of essential drugs and improved government sector health facilities but no one seemed to give due publicity to it,” Minister Athukorale said.

“But most people chanted the Mahinda Manthram saying that the Buddha Sasana had been preserved in the country thanks to the former President.The Buddhasasana had been always protected in the country right throughout its history and a Rajapaksa was not needed to give it protection, because the Maha Sangha was there to do it,” the Minister said.

Minister Athukorale said that the Prime Minister had been able to assist nearly 1,500 Buddhist temples during the last three years through the Central Cultural Fund. The President too had been helping Buddhist temples in the remotest part of the country through the President’s Fund. The government led by the President and the Prime Minister was doing everything possible to dispel poverty and uplift the country economically.



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