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War time LTTE arms cache found in Sampur

A location where a cache of weapons and other items hidden by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) during the height of war is believed to have been found within the forests of the Kokkativu Kulam area in Sampur.

“The discovery was made by the Trincomalee Police based on a tip-off received on Saturday,” sources said. However, according to sources, the exact extent of the weapons cache stored away is not known yet. The site had now been cordoned off and is currently under special Police protection.

Meanwhile, the Sampur Magistrate is set to visit the site for inspection this morning. Excavations at the location will commence once an order is issued by the Magistrate allowing the Police to unearth the hidden stash.

Sampur was a LTTE stronghold and hotbed of terrorist activity during the height of Sri Lanka’s long drawn war till 2006. The LTTE launched almost crippling artillery attacks from the area targeting the Trincomalee Naval Base at the time till the Army recaptured the area on September 4, 2006, forcing the LTTE to withdraw from the area.



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