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Kahatagasdigiliya couple starving due to lack of food,water

President apologises

President Maithripala Sirisena has immediately deployed an officer to look into the incident where a starving couple from Kahatagasdigiliya had been feeding on Murunga leaves for days due to the lack of food and water.

Addressing an event in Anuradhapura, the President said all state officers and the ministers in the region should be held responsible for the situation. “It is the responsibility of all ministers and state officials to visit the affected people and provide relief,” he said. The President also apologised to the couple on behalf of the ministers and officials in the area.

It was reported that a couple in Kahatagasdigiliya had been living off boiled Murunga leaves for several days. The starving couple had faced hardship due to devastation of crops for six successive cultivation seasons. It was reported that the chief incumbent of the Mirisawetiya Rajamaha Vihara Ven. Eethalawetunuwewa Gnanatilleka Thera had launched a programme to help the affected couple.

The wife had told the media that her husband could not work and that she had to look after him. Their predicament had worsened due to the lack of drinking water. 

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