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RTI Commission: Verdicts delivered in 420 appeals

The RTI Commission has received 951 appeals of which 690 are being heard and verdicts have been delivered with regard to 420 appeals, Director General of RTI Commission Piyathissa Ranasinghe.

He further said that only 4 percent among the 951 appeals were rejected by the Commission and for the remaining the Commission requested the institutions to provide all information requested by the person.

“We receive a lot of letters detailing grievances. People report to us about their issues pertaining to their lands, jobs and examination results,” he said.

Ranasinghe noted that 951 appeals include grievance letters as well and added that as grievance letters are not related to them, those letters would be sent immediately back with instructions to deal with their grievances.

He said that every day, nearly 8-20 appeals are being heard at the Commission.

Stating that if the government institution is not willing to provide information, they have the right to go to courts and if the person who filed an appeal does not agree with the institution, he or she can go to courts.

Ranasinghe said that no one had ever objected the decisions.

National Media Center Director Jagath Liyanarachchi said that the private sector’s contribution and support to the Right to Information Act implementation was very poor.


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