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Committee to probe oil spill

The Petroleum Industries Ministry will shortly appoint a committee to probe into the oil spill in the seas off Muthurajawela, Ministry Secretary Upali Marasinghe said.

He said the report of the Committee is expected in two weeks. The Committee will comprise officials representing the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA), Ceylon Shipping Corporation Ltd, Sri Lanka Coast Guard and Petroleum Industries Ministry.

The Secretary said the Committee may obtain the assistance of experts where necessary.

A damaged ship-to-shore pipeline leaked fuel into the sea last Saturday while unloading furnace oil to the Muthurajawela Oil Refinery Complex causing heavy environmental damage to the adjacent coastal areas including Dikkowita, Thaldiyawatte and Uswettakeyyawa.

The Committee will probe as to how the leak occurred, the damage it caused and the persons responsible for it.

The MEPA, Sri Lanka Navy, Sri Lanka Army and Sri Lanka Coast Guard together with several other authorities were engaged in cleaning activities to minimise the environmental damage. MEPA General Manager Dr. Terney Pradeep Kumara said a complete eco-system recovery will take a few years.





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