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Three heart valve transplants without surgery

Consultant Cardiologist Sepalika Mendis
Consultant Cardiologist Sepalika Mendis

Heart valves were transplanted for three patients without surgeries at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka (NHSL) recently, Health Ministry Spokesman said.

He said the patients had undergone the surgery and valves in their legs were used to replace the blocked valves of their hearts.

The procedure is similar to inserting a stent to the heart. All three patients are doing fine after the surgery.

The system is suitable for the elderly patients who cannot undergo surgeries. Patients are conscious during the procedure and they can go home without a long hospital stay. Consultant Cardiologist Sepalika Mendis led the team of medical professionals who carried out the process. She thanked Minister Senaratne for facilitating the surgery, he said.



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