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Build resilient rural economy - Hegde

Shivani Hegde - Managing Director/CEO, Nestlé Lanka PLC emphasised on the need for building a resilient rural economy – that would also benefit the rural farmer community.

She said, given the vulnerability of the crucial weather patterns of which Sri Lanka is now a major victim, it is important to build, and to support the rural economic growth as a priority. “As Sri Lanka is now self-sufficient in rice, dairy sufficiency can also be achieved by putting a spotlight on the dairy and agri economies.

Explaining what her company has done so far in improving rural economic factors in Sri Lanka, Hegde said, the company has taken steps to encourage farmers to expand coconut cultivation areas and also to persuade dairy farming industry.

She added there is a strong case for Sri Lanka to build a thriving rural sector as successful agricultural economies contribute 14-17% to the GDP, compared with 6 % contribution to the GDP by Sri Lanka.



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