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Asia wide, 7s on radar and significant others for the next level

The season for 7s is upon us and perfect timing for our resident deckchair experts to surface from their deprived slumber.

The current stats for all national teams...aptly describe a frustrating but true story.....that has hugely impacted our Asian status, where it really matters.

Our U20 returned from the Asian Championship a quiet 3rd.

Big shock to the system and partially a sniff away from insult...given the class and quality of the warriors on tour.

Once again Korea left it till extra time and a sudden death try... to drop our players to their knees in sheer disbelief.

Just in case you are wondering why the’s simply because, seniors and juniors...were both undone by Korea, and returned home empty handed, all within a fortnight.

Captain juniors, Naveen Heenakan probably unable to logically fathom the loss and ending up 3rd.

Realistically it was our Cup to give away......and a bitter odd shape pill, to watch Hong Kong beat an inspired Korea 5-0, in a desperate final.

One can well understand our boys wanting to scream and kick themselves, for what might have been.

While managing to write ...I also hope, careful analysis and much closer scrutiny of specifically performance stats that lost us a final slot?

The report must consider selections...and carrying 4 scrum halves in the playing 12..?

Plus the very obvious fact that we were lacking big forwards to secure decent ruck ball...and unable to win the physical contest.

The Asian Games for captain workrate - Muthuthantri, was almost the same level of disbelief and a huge miss out.

On the day, in the middle an agonizing 2 point loss to mighty Japan...did specially 2 important factors

1. Missing out on being in the final and a shot at gold or silver.

2. The stress of loss sapped all our reserve tank and left us weaker in the bronze playoff against Korea. The 36 points scored our level and inability to push past the obvious.

3. Korea beat us twice and definitely our Achilles heel yet again.

4. A bigger gap in our team composition...a distinct lack of big impact forwards, and losing the physical contest on the deck.

For coach Woods and Sri Lanka rugby…alas a monumental miss of a silver and a chance for some new Asian Games history.

As we speak, both Sri men and women will be settling in ...checking on training slots etc..for the HK 1st leg Asian 7s series Friday/Saturday.

Men are no. 4...women no. 6.

Tough for team numbers as both our best and most experienced..Muthu and Ranjan....are injured.

Pressure on new skipper SooriyaB, Weerey, Danush Dyan, Dixon, absorb pressure etc...

The women under new captain Hemakumari...really need to grab this chance. No. 6 to no. 4 ideal.

Japan, HK, China, Khazak, front.

Expectations on Ayesha, Sambu, Sanju, Anusha and Thanuja to deliver under pressure.

So far it’s all on fitness and prude.

Let’s wish both teams focus and max belief for a solid start.

Fundamentally...Sri Lanka needs to show results and earn new respect in’s about time the rhetoric translates into scintillating performance.

Cheers Sri Rugby Islanders.

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