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Unique addition to Tamil literature

Lanka born Malini Mala is a German Tamil writer and poet. Last week she came to Lanka with her three kids to publish and launch three of her latest books. One of them titled “Naan Enum NEE” (meaning YOU are Me). have read and noticed her immense mastery of poetic Tamil and highly imaginative nuances in her poetic lines on her contributions in the Facebook. Before she left for Germany she presented the 3 books to me. My appreciation of the book appears in its pages. I thank her for that.

I shall attempt to transcreate some of the shorter love poems I enjoyed.

If you want to see me inside you, close your eyes tight and open your heart, there only me that would have bloomed as you are.

02. In some corner in the globe YOU and in opposite direction I might not have a chance to meet and yet to remain not to think about you, it is not possible not to think about you.

03. Not to wither away but to feel that I am blossoming. Don’t dismantle, it’s you that will be shattered.

04. Whenever thinking of you, my affection extends to touch you, there spring hands for the wind.

05. Not only in person but even in thoughts you mustn’t come, I said, but you are even robbing my dreams.

06. When my distant dreams and indelible actualities jointly travel and ends with tears, every drop of blood my heart bleeds pronounce only your name.

07. Rinsing my soul, the lines in my poetry I wrote for you- the moment you used it to tune the heart of another, the YOU in the inside of me remained dead.

08. When the mental sharing is compelled to be rejected, reminiscences become empty in actualities, unbearable the bridges of affection are shattered.

09. When my breathing is none but you, I don’t probe the scent.

10. All the sayings I set up against you get d defeated by the pleadings of your look.

11. I’m breathing even now only because of the sayings you send via the interspaces of the sky prompted by your soul

12. I lost you and you lost me, and I searched you all over the world exhausted and short of breath the soul within me smiled and uttered search in transferred places you will get it all right.

13. Realistically you in your own way, I on my path walk in opposite directions. The dream song of yours and mine that cannot be debilitated, sail on the waves of the stream moving dancing and making music.

14. I am blossoming all the time and you are at a distance unable to smell

15. It’s not the chastity of Sita that was proved by her bathing in the fire, but the burnt out of her love for Rama.

16. Before the end of my withering days of flowers, my heartiest pleading is to see your vision at least once.

17. This is the breath of the bamboo forest wind. Do not hand it over to the uninitiated. They may use it to bow the furnace.

I shall stop here for want of space.

There are several longish and short poems in the 172-page volume attractively printed in a glossy paper by Evergreen Printers in Yaalpaanam. The book is priced at Rs 400/- only.

This is a book of unusual kind of poetry full of intense emotions but restrained. The mastery of the use of appropriate vocabulary is amazing. Congratulations to her. On her Visit to Lanka, Malini Mala has published two other works too, which need notice. Let’s review them sometime later.


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