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Drought affected areas to receive rains by October

Drought stricken areas are expected to receive intermonsoon rains by October, Meteorology Department Director General K.H.M.S.Premalal said yesterday.

He pointed out that the Met. Department has received signals of an El Nino oceanic phenomena developing in the southern parts of the Pacific Ocean, which would have a positive effect on the country’s intermonsoon.

Premalal also pointed out that the Met. Depatment has detected signals from the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) weather phenomena that would also positively affect for a sound rainfall during the intermonsoon season.

The Met. Department Director General was speaking at a press briefing at the Irrigation and Water Resources and Disaster Management Minister yesterday.

DG Premalal also said that the drought stricken areas have not received sufficient rainfall for over two years. He said that the global rainfall patterns have also been affected due to various adverse conditions.

Irrigation Department sources said the water levels of the tanks and reservoirs, taken as an average, remain at a 35%, which is a better outlook when compared to last year.


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