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Unhygienic hotels in Colombo

Some hotels in Colombo are selling unhygienic food. These hotels and eateries are selling food which are unfit for human consumption.

Very often people suffer from diarrhea after consuming food from these unhygienic restaurants.

Refrigerators where the hoteliers keep fish and meat are unclean. The kitchens of these places are not clean. Wash basins are dirty. Most of the hotel workers are not dressed properly. They are not trained to be clean and hygienic. There is CMC Public Health Department. They are not given enough power to control the hoteliers. They should be given more power. CMC has to do that.

There should be regular training programmes and medical check-ups for hotel workers.

We very kindly request the Commissioner to look into these complaints and take corrective action.

Neelamani Jayasinghe
Sardhe Weerakkody
Lochana Abeysekera


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