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Mistakes to avoid while applying make-up

Make-up can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how you use it. Find the right blush for your skin tone, don’t wear waterproof mascara daily and don’t go overboard with your love for matching your outfit, suggest experts.

Make-up artiste Mouna Lall, and Jason Arland, senior manager at Artistry, have listed do’s and don’ts of make-up:

. The biggest mistake is not using a moisturising cream. One must wash and apply a cream or moisturiser depending on the skin type at least 15 minutes before pruning the skin.

. Always use a primer which helps the foundation to have a smooth surface to settle on. This makes make-up last long.

. If you have dry skin, any kind of moisturiser can be used where as if you have an oily skin then only water based foundations should be used.

. It is important to know how to apply foundation. We make big mistakes like using both our hands and rubbing it away instead of tapping and placing it on the skin with two fingers or a brush.

. Confusing correctors and concealers is a major confusion people often have. Correctors are for correcting one’s skin tone whereas concealers will conceal the corrector and foundation, giving an even skin tone.

. Use a fine mineralised powder just to set the make-up base to avoid a heavy cakey face as the natural make-up look is in fashion.

. Matching same colour eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish with clothes is a big no as the look becomes one-dimensional and is not appealing to the eyes. If you wear a pink outfit with gold work, then the eyes can be brown gold or smokey with only lipstick the dress.

. Heavy punched in the face kind of smokey eyes is a big turnoff. Blend it well.

. Go for a blush that is closest to your skin tone. Fair and medium skinned people can try the rosy pink and peaches. Nude, red and brown coloured blush look best on people with dusky and deeper skin tones.

. Using same colour lip liner all over the lips and following with lipstick is important for the lipstick to have a long stay and not leave a line after a while.

. Waterproof mascara is amazing, but not always. The water-resistant formula can dry out your lashes causing them to break easily. Also, removing the waterproof mascara takes a whole of effort which can again damage your lashes. Keep it reserved for weddings and parties.

. Dump all the products that have crossed their expiry date. Old and expired products are not safe to use and can lead rashes, allergies and irritation.


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