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Pasan Liyanage
Pasan Liyanage

Pasan Liyanage is one of the leading music producers in Sri Lanka. With a passion for music ever since he was a teenager, Liyanage is one of the most sought after producers in the country. Melodies speaks to Liyanage about his passion.

“Just after my A/Ls I joined with Hit Factory Studios (Ranga D). Then I left Hit Factory 5 years ago and started my own company called Redfox. I’m really happy and feel so lucky to be a music producer, I don’t feel like I’m doing a job because it’s kind of fun to make different types of music for different clients. And since I’m doing so much of TV commercials and radio commercials, for me it’s like I’m living in another world when I enter the studio, and when I do music it is an awesome feeling. I’m like super into it. I think it’s not always about the money it’s about giving a good product to your client which that person will be satisfied with,” said Liyanage

He also commented that there are challenges out there and that the industry is pretty demanding and tough

“Well it’s a very competitive industry because you always have to stay up to date when it comes to music and technology and the quality of the sounds. But at the end of the day it’s what you do and what you are good at,” stated Liyanage.

Liyanage was open to all kinds of music as a teenager. He took an interest in music and by now has an all -round knowledge of music.

“Since I was in grade seven in school, I used to listen every genre of music and used to play those songs on my small keyboard. So after that I did my theory in western music, and would like to thank all my teachers because I am where I am now because of them. I came up with some hits like surangani and athamita kazi. I have already made so many hits then to now and people love it. And I’m not a producer who sticks to one style, I keep on changing and that keep me going everyday,” pointed out Liyanage

He has worked with the crème of Sri Lankan music. The big names such as Bachi Susan, BnS, Ranidu, Iraj, Ashanthi, Natasha Rathnayake, Nadeemal Perera, ADK, Vijay Anthony, Sanuka, Tehani and many more

Having made a name for himself and carved a niche in the music industry, his company REDFOX has a special place in his heart.

“Here I’m with Redfox (PVT) Ltd and Redfox Records. Some highlights of my career have been winning the best Electro music producer and the best producer award at Yes FM home grown music awards. Some of my hit songs like Surangani, Ashawari, Visekari and Maath mage hitha keep my brand always up,” explained Liyanage.

Liyanage has many goals and ambitions in life and his dreams are backed up with his skill.

“Well there goals such as selling audio equipment, get more artists to the Redfox and release their tracks on my channel, and our own online apps,” said Liyanage

Liyanage’s message for young people who want to be producers is to explore the industry and field as much as possible. His advice is to make it a passion.

“If you have a dream to be a producer you should never stick to one style you should listen to every genre and to get that exact quality sound. You have to work day and night and once you are on the right track you won’t feel like you are doing a job because it will be like a hobby. Make sure you give the best product for your client for a reasonable price and make sure you are always up to date with everything,” explained Liyanage.

Liyanage points out that the greatest person he has worked with is Ranga Dasanayake and that he has learnt a lot from him.

“I want to thank my parents in life, they supported my dream and they never let me down or forced me to do anything else. I would like to thank Ranga D as well, because he is the one who taught me how to keep my standard and all. We don’t live for a long time so we have to do everything during the little time we have and make the maximum out of it. So I always think- how I can keep my fans happy and make my band great?

To make a hit, the music and lyrics should be powerful so I give my full 100 percent. But if the lyricist or the vocalist can’t do his job properly it will be a failure because you can’t expect music to cover all those sections. The artiste should give his fullest support to the product to get a good output,” summed up Liyanage.

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