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Lego builds a Bugatti Chiron

“With Lego Technic you can build for real,” the Danish toy company announced. And they mean it.

To back their powerful words they created a full-scale, drivable replica of the $3,000,000 Bugatti Chiron, and it’s probably the coolest Lego creation ever.

In total, over 1 million Lego Technic pieces were used, adding to a weight of 1,500 kg (about 3,300 lbs). There were 13,400 man-hours put into the replica, with the most impressive aspect of the car sitting under the hood. 2,304 Lego Power Functions motors were put together, generating about 5,3 horsepower that could allow the vehicle to hit about 18 miles per hour.

“Months of development and testing came to a head in June on the Ehra Lessien test track outside Wolfsburg, Germany – the same track where the original Bugatti Chiron was tested – when we found out if the car would actually drive,” Lego wrote.

“We were even more excited when Bugatti’s official test driver and former Le Mans winner, Andy Wallace, agreed to test drive the Technic version of the Chiron on its first drive.”

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