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Magical moggy with the balancing act

An adorable cat has proven an internet hit with his seemingly ‘magical’ ability to balance dice on its paws.

The moggy is filmed standing perfectly still as it balances nine precariously-placed dice on its paw. It looks completely nonplussed as the owner stacks more and more.

But it’s not just dice where the moggy proves a magician - it also manages to hold a stack of cards between its paws.

The owner has placed what appears to be a card pyramid between the cats legs - which the feline holds in place while leaning back.

In another video the cat holds a full deck of spade playing cards while his owner stacks dice on its other paw.

In typical cat-fashion the animal looks distinctly nonchalant as the owner puts seven dice on the edge of its paw.

In fact, it looks like it’s about to fall asleep.

It’s unclear where exactly the footage was originally shot, but it was first uploaded on Chinese social media.

The cat has proven a popular viral hit on image hosting and social media sites. Bibi now holds the World Record for the most dice balanced on a cat’s paw!

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