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JVP to ditch 20A with new Constitution

The JVP prefers a new Constitution and is ready to abandon the 20th Amendment, if a new Constitution comes into being, JVP MP Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa said.

The MP was addressing a gathering in Agalawatte on Saturday at a seminar on Constitutional reforms.

The JVP organised the seminar as part of its series of seminars conducted countrywide to raise public awareness on the 20A.

He said the JVP presented the 20A to abolish the Executive Presidency because discussions relating to the new Constitution were snail-paced and seemed a distant reality.

He said if proper efforts are taken to enact a new Constitution, the JVP is prepared to abandon the 20A for a new Constitution.

TNA Spokesman M. A. Sumanthiran said during the event that Sinhala leaders, including the Ceylon Communist Party, were the ones who first advocated for a federal Constitution for Sri Lanka.

He, however, said they do not worry about labels, but only hope for meaningful power-sharing.


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