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Minister Fonseka criticises Army Commander

Field Marshal and Wild Life Minister Sarath Fonseka yesterday slammed the incumbent Army Commander for acting in an arbitrary manner.

He said that the strength of the Army has been reduced under the leadership of the present Army Commander.

Fonseka added that national security is at stake as the Army Commander has failed to provide accurate information to the authorities concerned.

Minister Fonseka was addressing the media after an event in Gampaha.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Army issuing a lengthy statement on Sunday said that some retired Army Officers have alleged that they are not happy with the ‘battle alertness of the Army’ at present.

Excerpts from the statement: "It is not only ethically right for someone to review the status quo of the Army and its battlefield preparedness from outside after having gone on retirement years ago, but it also does question someone’s moral right to hurl such allegations.

It is pointed out that the Sri Lanka Army with the dedicated objective of strengthening it self when necessary has consulted former Commanders and retired Officers with battle-hardened experience with good faith and the Army would continue such practices unfailingly in future, too.

"The Sri Lanka Army strongly condemns such criticisms, attributed to the government, Ministry of Defence and the command of the Army and appeals to the intelligent people of this country, regardless of rhetoric of such opportunists, to repose the confidence in the Army which has defended our country in the past, and is committed to do so in future, too as a professional outfit, taking all measures to prevent any resurgence of warfare," the Army statement added.


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