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CH17 Loyalty, Ransalu Privilege Cards for Domino Pizza flavour

Sri Lanka Apparel’s flagship employee welfare program Ransalu Privilege has added a fast food chain of international repute to its large portfolio of retailers of consumer brands, for the first time since its launch five years ago.

We strive to give the best of our service to the skillset of this highly energetic and dynamic sector which could be undoubtedly considered as one of the corners stones of development of Sri Lanka’s economy, said Jumar Preena the architect behind this single mega employee relations exercise.

CH17 Loyalty and Ransalu Privilege Cards will be accepted at any of the Domino Pizza outlet and they will be entitled for a whopping 20% off medium and large pizza. This offer is valid for dine-in, take-away as well as delivery.

Our retail sector partners have been very generous towards Ransalu program and they have found this segment of the customer base vital for their growth in terms of volume and revenue. As a result of the benefits the retail sector continue to enjoy, they are more than happy to “give back” whatever they can to the industry, Jumar explained.

Five years of continuous service has made Ransalu a household name within the industry and the benefits it provides families of these workforce are immense, Jumar added.

Jumar also revealed about plans that are being drawn up to launch Phase Two of Ransalu Pranaama in January next year, with a new vibrant look and wider network of merchants island-wide and more benefits and privileges.

Jumar thanked Domino’s Pizza which is now the number 1 pizza brand in the world, with over 15,000 stores in over 85 countries, and it is also considered one of the top 10 largest quick serve restaurants in the world, for their very generous offer to the apparel industry and to CH17 Loyalty’s Corporate Privilege Card.

Domino’s continues to set pace in a quick-serve food industry with friendly service, great quality in food and an experience that cannot be surpassed.

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