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Non vegetarian!

A guest on the British show, ‘This Morning’, was left utterly embarrassed after her dog she said was vegetarian chose to eat meat over greens on live TV.

Lucy Carrington, chose to put her white Siberian husky Storm, on a vegetarian diet when she started to loose interest in her food during the heatwave over the summer in the country.

She bought Storm meat-free dog foods and even let her eat the family’s leftover vegetables. Lucy claimed it helps ‘perk her up’.

On the show, Storm was given a choice of two bowls. One of them included meat and the other had vegetables.

Confident Lucy was sure her husky was going straight for the vegetarian option, but Storm didn’t even look at it and surprised everyone by enjoying the bowl of meat.

Some viewers reportedly criticised Lucy for putting her on a limited diet and called it animal cruelty.

Others had a bit of a laugh at the woman’s expense. Mirror


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