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Couple killed in train accident

A couple had died in a train accident in Ganemulla last Saturday.

The victims are said to be two 23 years olds. They had succumbed in a train accident between Bulugahagoda and Ganemulla train stations in Ganemulla around 9.45 p.m. on Saturday, Police said.

The man Munamalgahawatte Gedara Deepal Sandaruwan was from Inguru Oya, Galabada, Nawalapitiya and the woman Ruwanthi Wathsala Kumari Herath from Wadagahaulpatha, Uduhawara, Welimada.

They had been knocked down by a Rambukkana bound train from Colombo Fort.

The woman is said to be married but, according to police the man who died in this accident was not her husband. Police said they were unable to provide further details until the post mortem.


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