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Delay in road rehabilitation

Panadura UC blames RDA, UDA

Panadura Urban Council Chairman Nandana Gunathileka said the Road Development Authority (RDA) and the Urban Development Authority (UDA) are carrying out a poor road rehabilitation project in Panadura.

He was addressing the monthly meeting of the council on September 6 at the Council Auditorium.

The RDA commenced the work on the Panadura old Galle Road from the Panadura-Walana Junction to the Moratguwa-Digerolla Bridge, a distance of five miles, a three years ago but it is not complete to date.

The other projects by the UDA had not been completed as well, he said.

The delay was brought to the authorities but the situation has not changed, he said.

The Panadura Depot and the Western Province Road Development Authority are in a conflict over the removal of the SLTB short distant buses to the Panadura New Private Bus Stand from the Panadura SLTB Central Bus Stand, he said.

He said he met Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka in this regard and he would call for a meeting of the relevant authorities to resolve the conflict.

Gunathileka said tuition places paste posters on walls of the Panadura SLTB building and opposite the Panadura New Private Bus Stand.

Narcotic dealings are seen at the two bus stands. A person is manning the public lavatory at the Panadura Central Bus Stand without paying a cent to the SLTB, he said.

A shed is set up at its entrance but the SLTB officials are silent about the issue, he said.

He said councillors must join development programme that the government will carry out in Panadura shortly.

The Chairman said many families lived on State lands in Panadura but they do not have deeds for them.

“They cannot admit their children to the Grade I classes since they cannot submit deeds,” he said.

UNP Councillor Anura Wijepala tabled a resolution on the thema geetaya he composed for the Panadura Urban Council.

Anura Wijepala was praised for composing the song and the Council requested him to produce the song before the next Council meeting amending its several wordings. 


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