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‘Army will be further strengthened’

The Army assured that training modules will be introduced at all levels for all ranks with modern techniques of warfare, based on their experiences of the battlefield to face future battles.

Officers and other ranks will receive foreign training with State patronage broadening their knowledge on international warfare.

The Army said it is not ethically right for someone to review the status quo of the Army and its battlefield preparedness from outside after having gone on retirement years ago. It questions someone’s moral right to hurl such allegations as well.

Former Commanders and retired officers were consulted when training programmes are introduced and the Army would continue such practices unfailingly in future, as well.

The Army urged intelligent people to repose their confidence in the Army which has defended the country in the past, and is committed to do so in future as a professional outfit preventing any resurgence of warfare.

Nine years have passed since the Army won the 30-year long war. During that period, four experienced commanders have commanded the Army while introducing various training modules and exercises.

Battalions with a few troops were reinforced under the Army’s right-sizing programme having taken all necessary measures to place all battalions and units on alert to face any eventualities By this time, all units under the Security Force Headquarters-Jaffna were reorganized under the right-sizing programme, and the Army challenges those so-called ‘war analysts’ to name what those operationally important camps that were closed down, if any.

Relocating or shifting camps that remained at the time of the culmination of the war, and also afterwards does not in any way amount to any lapse, and such alterations are done, assessing security developments at ground level particularly on the recommendations of field commanders.

Some former commanders have effected changes in the past. Such action, if necessary, would continue in future also, assessing the security needs of the country, the Army in a statement said. 


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