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E. W Balasuriya Store to expand business in fast developing economies

One of the oldest gem and jewellery show rooms in Sri Lanka, E.W Balasuriya Store located in Kandy is to reach out to new markets and expand their business in fast developing economies in China, Russia and Europe.

The Sri Lankan Gem and Jewellery industry is one of the most important foreign exchange earners to the country. The industry has helped the country’s economy significantly and it is also a major promoter of tourism as some visits specifically to purchase gen and jewellery form Sri Lanka, an official from E.W Balasuriya Store said.

He said to promote more business they have now decided to expand to EU, Russia and China.

He said that in a bid to give a complete education experience to gen and jewellery customer who visit their store

E.W Balasuriya Store gives its visitors an unparalleled experience as it takes them on a journey from a Gem Mine to market, where the visitor would learn everything from mining gems to the process of making the intricate details of the pieces of art the customer would buy.”

“Your journey will begin at the gem mine. Complete with life-like models and ambient sound effects, the mine will help you understand the effort and extent of labour that is required, in the quest to find the most precious gem stones.”

Your next stop is at the lapidary, where precious gemstones are cut and polished to perfection. The gems are then moved to the laboratory where they are inspected, quality checked, and sent to their designers to be transformed into works of art. At the workshop these exquisite gems are set in precious metals by highly skilled craftsmen.”

“If you have a unique design in mind, our staff will assist you in designing that specific piece of jewellery to suit your own style and budget.”

E.W Balasuriya Store also participated at the recently concluded FACETS exhibition at the BMICH. “If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special, searching for a new favourite to add to your personal collection, choosing a wedding ring to compliment your engagement ring, or thinking of investing in a precious stone our store is the right place for you.”


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