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Doubts cleared for player-participation with parents responsible for their security:

Sri Lanka Squash will send team to Chennai

Sri Lanka Squash (SLS) has denied the contents of the article that appeared in the Daily News of August 25 under the headline ‘No show by Squash Federation – a blow to the sport’.

SLS in a letter states that they in fact will be sending a team to participate at the 25th Asian Individual Squash Championship’18 (AISC) in Chennai to be held from September 18.

SLS states that at no time did they reach a decision not to send the team but there was some delays caused to getting clearance from the Indian Squash Federation and the Ministry of Sport regarding the security of the players.

The letter from SLS further states:

“Sri Lanka Squash was well organized and ready to send a players squad of 32 to participate in 25th Asian Individual Squash Championship’18 (AISC) in Chennai which is to be conducted by the Asian Squash Federation (ASF) since ‘SLS’ has participated in all Junior Championships from the inception. Though the championship is to be held in the month of September’18, SLS had discussed about the participation in this during the month of April’18 monthly executive committee meeting with team manager (Maj. D. Perera) and Assistant Team manager Capt. G. Mendis (Rtd). SLS was to proceed with all administrative and logistics arrangements in this championship once the official championship hand book is issued by the ‘ASF’.

“The Championship hand book was issued during the month of June ’18. Even before the championship hand book issued, ‘SLS’ was ready to conduct squad selection trials in the second week of August’18 with the selected names list under the present ranking list.

“By considering the security concerns of the Sri Lankan Players during the 2017 Asian Senior Individual championship which was held in Chennai, Indian national squash coach cum Event organizing member Mr. C. Poncha had informed to Hony. Secretary SLS not to fly SL players directly to Chennai and had informed to reach Chennai via Bangalore by taking road transport from Bangalore.

“This fact was discussed in depth among the ‘EXCO’ members and had decided to seek Ministry of Sports approval highlighting the above and past incidents which SL squash players had to undergo at the same venue. Finally Ministry of Sports has given not to proceed signal in this championship.

“Though SLS was ready to send the squad for the 25th AISC’18, this matter was once again discussed during the 07th July’18 EXCO meeting and had decided to write a letter to the Ministry of Sports to assist and advice over the participation of this championship after consulting Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence sources over the present security situation in Chennai.

“SLS letter was sent to the Ministry of Sports on 09th July’18 and reply received vide Sport Development Department letter no. AK/NSF/32/2018 dated 18th July 2018, stating that, “the Sports Ministry is not willing to take responsibility regarding player participation in the above mentioned championship by considering the probable security situations”.

“With this response SLS did not proceed with the trials and other arrangements as per the championship hand book.

“Further, SLS has initiated following actions after 18th Aug’18 with further intention of getting a favorable answer from ‘ASF’ and the President India Squash racket Association requesting to provide satisfactory security arrangements to SL squad.

“Till 15th Aug’18 there was no positive response to SLS requests from the relevant authorities. Therefore on 17th Aug’18 SLS has communicated to active parents group stating that SLS is not participating in this championship and decided to summon all trial selected players (49) and to brief them on SLS taken efforts in this regard on 25th Aug’18.

“On 20th Aug’18 Hon. Minister Sports has contacted President SLS and had informed that ‘No security arrangements can be made and this needs to be informed to the participants and Hon. Minister is willing to grant the approval for the team participation since parents are going to take overall responsibility on the security concern’.

“On this message SLS has written to the ‘ASF’ and got the extension to submit the all required registration forms in this championship on 31st Aug’18 though it was originally on 24th Aug’18.

“As planned a meeting was summoned on 25th Aug’18 with the participation of all players and briefed the measures taken by SLS in this regard. During the meeting parents agreed to take total responsibility of their child’s security in this tour and requested to consider the participation in this tour. Since the Hon. Minister has already communicated his willingness to grant participation approval, SLS considered parents requests and agreed to participate in this championship and actions are in progress.”


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