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Alleged encroachment of farmers’ lands

CEJ calls for justice

A threat on depriving the lands tenured and held by farmer families has emerged due to a sugar production project to be implemented in a land about 62,500 acres which lays over 10 DS divisions based in Moneragala, Ampara and Badulla districts.

A company engaged in the project has encroached the land with machinery, according to a press release by the Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ).

At that time, about 400 locals had obstructed them. Hence, the machinery had been temporary removed from the land.

The lands are freeholds and hereditary lands. It was legally confirmed that the company cannot acquire these lands. Malpractices such as improper land acquisition and sending discharge orders to leave their holdings without compensation had occurred under this project, the CEJ allege.

The CEJ calls on responsible persons not to implement the project by removing the locals from the lands they are settled in.


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