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‘Protect environment to save everyone’

The environment must be protected. Then it will protect us. It is changing all the time because the ways we live, travel, produce and consume goods evolve,” Environmental Foundation (Guarantee) Limited (EFL) Director Dr. Sewandi Jayakody said.

She was addressing a media briefing in Colombo yesterday. She said flora and fauna in Sri Lanka are in jeopardy because of deforestation, climate change and pollution.

“We had a rich biodiversity. But we are now under threat of natural disasters. We must carry out a comprehensive dialogue in society on these issues,” she said.

“We must protect our aquatic lives. Many die entangling in fishing nets,” she said.

“Aquatic plants and lives along the coastal belt become extinct at an alarming rate. When these things happen, ecology changes,” she said.

“Migratory birds fly to Sri Lanka through Mannar. What would happen if windmills were built in Mannar?” she asked.

“During droughts, farmers in the dry zone cultivate dried lakes using pesticides and weedcides. Once the rainy season comes, what would happen to those who drink such water?” she asked.

“The EFL is committed to safeguard environmental rights and protect it legally. Twelve court cases are in progress now against violators of environmental laws,” she said.

Government Information Director General Sudarshana Gunawardhana said the country should follow sustainable development to protect environment. Journalist have a major role to play in educating the public in this regard, he said.


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