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Wastage of public funds:

Speaker requests for a Commission of Inquiry

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya yesterday requested for a Commission of Inquiry vested with full powers to look into the wastage of public funds due to the lack of coordination between Provincial Councils, Local Government bodies and Government Departments.

Speaker Jayasuriya made this request from President Maithripala Sirisena while addressing the National Awards Ceremony organised by the Committee on Public Accounts (COPA), recognising State Institutions with high level of performance held at the Parliament Complex yesterday morning.

Speaker Jayasuriya also observed that the government services are incurring losses running into billions of rupees and if these losses are done away through efficiency, Sri Lanka will no more need to take obtain foreign loans.

“We have the largest government workers’ force in the world. In other countries, there is one government worker for every 250 people, whereas in Sri Lanka, it is one per 15. They only work for 173 days of the year. If this force properly and efficiently works for eight hours, we can easily make this country a prosperous land,” the Speaker pointed out.

He also extended his appreciation for the great efforts taken by the Committee on Public Accounts and Committee on Public Enterprise to ensure a proper management and transparency when using public money.


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