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We are spending millions and millions for wedding ceremonies. Is it necessary to spend so much for a wedding ceremony? Sri Lanka is a religious country. All religions value simple living.

About 50 years back, our wedding ceremonies were simple. We had it in our house. There were no unnecessary expenses for televising. We did not spend lakhs for dresses and make ups. How much we are spending for meals? How much for drinks like beer and whisky? How much we are spending for flowers? How much to print luxury wedding invitation cards? How much for the photographs?

This has become a competition. Everyone is trying to do better than others. Most parents take loans to spend for the wedding ceremonies of their children.

We always talk about simplicity. But for every ceremony we spend very large amount of money. We want to have the wedding in the biggest hotel. Is all this necessary?

Our leaders must set an example. But sad to say they are spending very large amount of money for their weddings. Can we afford all this? We are a developing country. There is a debt crisis. Our income is coming down. Our politicians and other leaders should not spend large amount of money for ceremonies.

We want the leaders of this country to avoid luxury way of living. Everything they do should be simple. We should not waste money for functions and ceremonies. Simple living is in accordance with all religious teachings. We should avoid spending large amounts of money for various ceremonies.

D. Weeratunga

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