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The cautious seldom errs

Sanghamitta Balika Vidyalaya, Galle
At an alms-giving.
At an alms-giving.

Head Girl of Sanghamitta Balika Vidyalaya Galle, A D Medhavi has achieved a certain balance that makes her leadership effective. Perfect Prefects features Medhavi whose powers of observation and willingness to listen have yielded positive results.

Medhavi’s training began at a very young age partly due to the fact that she listened to her elders.

“As a Head Prefect, I should set an example for everyone. I need to embody the proper spirit, conduct and ideals befitting a model citizen in this society we live in. Life is a learning experience and though no one is perfect, I feel a head prefect needs to work as hard as possible to address his/her shortcomings so he or she can expect the juniors to follow suit. From a very young age, a student needs to show proper respect to his/her parents. He/she must learn from a very young age itself how to develop a good and respectable character,” said Medhavi.

Necessary steps

Medhavi is a patient and never hurries when the cautious calculation is required.

“When facing an obstacle in life what I do is, I give it a lot of thought. I also seek the advice of my parents, teachers and elders and then I decide on the best plan of action. When I face a pressure situation I look at its root causes and then take the necessary steps to remedy it,” stated Medhavi.

Earning the goodwill of others through promoting and maintaining good social relations is a good idea of Medhavi’s and one that will certainly help her in life. Having friends in many stations in life can be immensely useful to anyone.

“One reason for my success is that I have earned the goodwill of others through my efforts in establishing good relationships. I have always been obedient to my parents and teachers and I have always applied myself diligently to my studies and formed a personality that is outstanding,” added Medhavi.

Proper skills

Her school has moulded her character in such a way that Medhavi has been equipped with the proper skills in the field of sports, extracurricular activities and academics.

“When you take Sanghamitta Balika Vidyalaya Galle, it is one of the best schools in the world. For me, my school has laid the foundation for my life and what I have received from it is beyond measure. It has improved my life beyond measure. In return for this, I am ready to serve my school whenever the opportunity presents itself. I attribute all my victories to my school even at the national level. I came Island 5th at the O/L’s 2016. I have played badminton for three years and I have been in the media unit in my school and have taken part in dance competitions,” pointed out Medhavi.

Medhavi’s aim in life is to be a surgeon and she feels strongly about those who have no voice or means of alleviating their suffering.

“I think when we take the society we live in today, we must all try and work towards creating a society where there is fairness and we need to work towards creating a society that upholds equality. We need to live in a just society where there is no discrimination and where all communities are treated fairly. A society where no one is marginalized. There needs to be equality before the law. I also feel that those in high positions need to be wise and educated. My goal in life is to be a surgeon and I want to do my part for society as a responsible and law-abiding citizen. I feel strongly about the injustices done to those who have no voice in society. Those who are powerless. The small people” explained Medhavi.

Honourable life

We live in a society with various vices such as drug abuse and getting into the bad company is a problem in itself. The world is full of pitfalls. Knowing the trap is there is one way of avoiding it.

“In today’s society, there are so many distractions and temptations for the young to go astray. My advice is - try to lead a good, ethical, useful and honourable life, so you can say with pride that you have done the best that you can. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents and my family, my principal, my teachers, the school staff and my friends,” said Medhavi.

Brainstorming with others is a requirement when you are a leader. You need to inspire them to provide them with the incentive to work. Motivation is the name of the game.

“In a school when you are in a leadership position that automatically means that you have to work with others. Because people have different ideas with different approaches. So you have got everyone on the same page. So you need to get everyone involved in the planning process and work with unity and try and create team spirit. You also need to have insight into the working styles of your fellow team members. Then you know how best to get the work done. As Head a Girl I need to make important and crucial decisions and I need to listen to the views of others because it is all about decision making which is a challenge in itself,” explained Medhavi.


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