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[CITIZENS' Mail - (04-09-2018)]

Free Ambulance Service, a long-felt need fulfilled!

A big thank you to Premier Modi

I am very happy to see the quick expansion of the ‘Suwaseriya’ free ambulance service across the island receiving many accolades from the people who have been benefitted by it. I thank the Indian Premier Narendra Modi for his generous gift of US $ 7.5 million initially to start it in the Western and Southern provinces in 2016.The gift included 88 ambulances with training cost and operational expenditure for one year.

Although there were tremendous backlashes against this exemplary and meritorious service its achievements were great helping the suffering patients. Suwaseriya free ambulance service hitherto has serviced 91,547 patients in emergency situations which is a hilarious record, breaking the severe criticism of the JO members of the Mahinda camp.

It should be ludicrous and shameful for the Mahinda cronies that they could not do anything beneficial to the people in health or educational or people oriented programmes during their tenure of office for nearly a decade. At least they could not implement the ‘Senaka Bibile’ s Drug Policy introduced by President Maithripala Sirisena when he was the Minister of Health which could have brought relief to the poor patients in reduction of the prices of drugs. But now, Mahinda cronies have become the worst braggers holding protests and demonstrations to woo the support of the innocent people to win in elections and try to fool them again.

Hence, I request the people of our country to think twice and refrain from rallying around them. I thank again the Indian Government and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe for this worthy and meritorious service and request to provide the service to Kegalle district as soon as possible.

Z. A. M. Shukoor



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