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Dignified enduring mission

Sri Lanka Police celebrates 152 years - Part II

At a time when the entire world is shrinking into a small global village, even the criminals in our country have gained access to the modern technology under globalization and show a tendency to employ modern technology and communication methods to commit crimes. Confronted with the challenge of protecting people from those who commit organised crimes while being members of crime networks, Criminal Investigations Department is taking measures to shoulder their responsibility and all the police stations of the Island are also extending a great support in that regard.

A Cyber Crime Unit has been established in the Criminal Investigation Department to carry out investigations with regard to crimes and fraudulent activities committed using the internet. With the idea of further expanding the service rendered by this Unit, Central Province Sub Unit has also been established. Through this sub unit, an opportunity has been created for the people to expedite the enforcement of laws on Cyber Crimes committed in Central Province using mobile phones and computers.

A new website on Cyber Crimes has been already launched by the Criminal Investigation Department. Measures have been taken to publish this website with the objective of minimizing the inconveniences caused to the public due to their ignorance and to facilitate the process of imparting knowledge to prevent them from falling victim to cyber-crimes.

Furthermore, this website intends to make people aware of new cyber-crimes and strategies, instantly updating the people regarding new crime trends and virus attacks carried out through the internet and social networks, to minimize the damage caused to Government and Non-Governmental Organizations through online scams, phishing and financial malpractices. Since the officers of other police stations are also expected to be informed by studying the information disseminated and awareness programmes carried out through this website, this website has proved to be of great assistance in solving cyber-crimes.

In the same manner, it functioned during the time of war, the Terrorist Investigation Division still takes measures to ensure the safety of the country and the people by collecting intelligence information. With the aid of their knowledge, intelligence, expertise and use of technology, they are dedicated to producing suspects before the law by uncovering organised crimes, homicides, large-scale robberies committed in deceitful ways, fraudulent activities and usurpation of property without letting such crimes sink into oblivion. The officers of the Terrorist Investigation Division are diligently discharging the bounden duty of saving the posterity from any of the harsh memories we shared in the past.

During this period, when our country is rapidly moving towards development, hundreds of thousands of vehicles are being driven in the road system of Sri Lanka that has been broadened and improved. The traffic police officers have dedicated their service during day and night neither making any complaints against the inclement weather conditions nor taking heed of the ill-founded public censure and disdain, to ensure the safe journey of the public including hundreds of thousands of school children, employees of state and private sector who enter the road as a part of their daily routine. No one can trivialize the commitment of the officers of Traffic Division who help cross the road of other parents’ children while trusting in someone else to take care of their own.

The narcotic problem has a hand in petty thieving committed in a village to acts of terrorism on the global scale and is becoming the major crisis in present Sri Lanka. The tendency towards the creation of such a perilous situation has also become greater since Sri Lanka has become an exchange hub in the eyes of drug racketeers. Narcotics are being brought into the country by the smugglers employing devious methods under the guise of fishermen as the Island’s territorial sea is open to fishing industry. By employing its Intelligence Unit, Police Narcotic Division is taking action, at the risk of their own lives, to bring the drug smugglers to justice after eliciting information by building a good rapport with the public. Even the Police Special Task Force is extending a tremendous support towards this worthy cause and by carrying out raids against illicit liquor and narcotics, the Anti-vice Divisions established in all the Police Stations of the island are exerting a strenuous effort to save the future generations from this drug menace.

VIPs’ security

After carrying out an investigation against abuse, exploitation and crimes against children as well as women of this country, Sri Lanka Police, takes measures to bring criminals and abusers before a court of law for the administration of justice. For this purpose, Sri Lanka Police has established Headquarters of Children & Women Bureau, Special Investigation Unit of the Child Protection Authority, Children & Women Bureaus at Divisional level and Units at Police Station level and due measures are being taken. Furthermore, the duty of protecting the victimized parties is also being carried out in a responsible manner.

In our country, there have been many attacks targeting the VIPs on several occasions. As a country in which the civil administration has been restored, ensuring the security of the VIPs is also one of the major responsibilities among the Sri Lankan Police duties. Accordingly, President’s Security Division, Prime Minister’s Security Division and Ministerial Security Division have been established. The officers serving in those Divisions are offering a commendable service even putting their lives at stake in order to maintain the Civil Administration within the country. Considering some of the attacks that were carried out against the judges, who administer justice, Judicial Security Division has been established to ensure the security of the judges. Thus, the said division provides an admirable service towards maintaining law within the country.

During this era in which Sri Lanka has embarked on a journey towards rapid development, not only the private and state-owned institutions but also the general public have become extremely busy. Sri Lanka Police, as one of the chief institutions which address the day-to-day needs of the public, has established Information Technology Division with the intention of boosting the efficiency of Sri Lanka Police by introducing the use of computers, internet and speedy methods of communication to police officers.

Accordingly, steps have been taken to provide an efficient service by connecting all the Police Divisions and Police Stations by using a VPN system. Furthermore, Sri Lanka Police has launched a CCTV camera system within the city of Colombo and this has been helpful to minimise traffic congestion, identify and arrest suspects in connection with crimes, enabling Sri Lanka Police to take necessary measures to speed up the process of serving the public.

The ‘Tell IGP’ service has been introduced to the public to contact Inspector General of Police directly through e-mail facility, should there be any injustice caused to people when they are getting their needs fulfilled by police. In addition, Police Headquarters has launched and conducts programmes such as Police Public Day every Friday, IG’s Help Desk and 119 Emergency Call Service Unit which function every day giving the opportunity to the public to receive police services without delay.

As a country endowed with a natural environment universally acclaimed for its beauty, Sri Lanka annually earns a large foreign exchange through the tourism industry. Environment Protection Division has been established to create an attractive and clean environment, while taking measures to prevent communicable diseases in densely populated areas, including religious places and other places of natural beauty much frequented by foreign tourists.

This makes a huge contribution towards creating a favourable and agreeable environment for the public. The Tourist Police Division offers a great service to the tourists in terms of ensuring their security and providing assistance for the legal issues found among various other problems that they encounter during their visits.

Police Public Relations Division has been established not only to maintain the relationship between the Police and the public, but also to raise public awareness constantly to prevent children and family members from falling victim to various social crimes, molestation and personal abuse that take place in the society as parents engaged in a competitive daily routine have become too busy to take heed of the social tragedies lurking in the society posing a threat to their children.

This Division raises awareness of schoolchildren, adults and target groups and seminars and workshops are conducted for this purpose. This Division also provides an immense service to the public in finding disappeared people. In addition, it makes the people aware of unidentified corpses and takes action by providing necessary public relations to seek social justice for the deceased and to give corpses a decent burial. Moreover, Public Relations Division has earned love and the trust of all the artists of the country, as this division is making a great contribution towards the production of many creations by providing sets for tale dramas, movies by offering the assistance of police characters.

More than 100 media institutions are actively involved in disseminating information to the general public every day in Sri Lanka, which is one of the leading countries in terms of using communication and media. Police Media Division has been established to circulate accurate information in an efficient manner. Sri Lanka Police has been able to render a great service towards the well-being of the public life by getting information immediately with regard to all the crimes, disappearances, arrests, emergency situations, road obstructions and accidents reported from all the police stations of the island and releasing such information to Media institutions through press conferences.

Police Clearance Branch attached to the Police Headquarters has been established to issue clearance reports which are essential for the Sri Lankans who are leaving the country for foreign employment, academic and other purposes as they make a significant contribution towards the Sri Lankan economy. This branch issues about 100 to 500 clearance reports, daily and despite having a very small staff within the branch, they are dedicated to discharging their duties efficiently by obtaining reports from all the Police Stations island wide, fingerprint branch of the Police Criminal Records Division, Department of Registration of Persons, Department of Immigration and Emigration, Criminal Investigation Department and Intelligence Unit.

Prevent illegal activities

Police Naval Division has been established to prevent illegal activities such as narcotics, illegal goods and other merchandise smuggling and human-trafficking across the territorial waters and they are rendering their invaluable service towards the country around the clock.

Police Life Saving and Swimming Units have been established to prevent deaths caused by drowning at accident prone and precarious coastal areas and inland bodies of water such as rivers and tanks where people usually bathe. So far they have been able to rescue thousands of precious lives and their service can never be underestimated.

Officers attached to Police Intelligence Units are dedicated towards the task of gathering information on crimes and anti-social behaviour and absconding suspects in connection with various crimes within the country. They perform their duties around the clock in this manner for the benefit of the public not because they have any personal gains, but because they wish to perform their duty literally as guardian deities of the nation.

Antiquities Division has been established with the intention of preventing treasure hunters from desecrating and looting the local landscapes with historically significant crafts and structures erected by ancient kings and forefathers to showcase the glory and pride of our heritage to the future generation.

The fact that the police officer is a true protector of the country has been firmly established in society as the police are engaged in the task of protecting the archaeological sites by apprehending and producing the looters and treasure hunters before the law.

Officers attached to Police Fraud Investigation Bureau and Fraud Investigation Units established on a divisional level, diligently and meticulously perform their duties to bring justice to the distressed people who have lost their property and money falling victim to the fraudulent practices and schemes of crooked people in the society.

Police Mounted Division which plays a leading role in displaying the glory of Sri Lanka to the international community, while assisting the traffic management duties in the busy streets of Colombo has also made an enormous contribution towards adding colour to the national ceremonies.

Preserving the cultural identity of traditional dance, Police Cultural Unit together with Sri Lanka Police Western Band, which has been marked in history as the first western band in Sri Lanka, perform, entertain and extend a warm welcome whenever the foreign delegates visit this country. Further, by taking part in foreign visits they have also been able to display the elegance of the traditional dancing to the international community.

Sri Lanka Police has reached the Community Policing Era after moving forward through Colonial Police Ear and Military Era of Police. Police services functioning in all countries have evolved after employing and experimenting with various policing methods and have implemented hi-tech as well as community-based methods.

Highly developed countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, India are implementing the Community Policing Method which is a pragmatic approach combined with the knowledge of Social Sciences, Psychology and scientific methods.

The 152nd Police Day is celebrated, under the theme, ‘A Dignified Enduring Mission’ with the objective of making Sri Lanka Police, which closely associated with Sri Lankan community for a period of 152 years, the bosom companion of the public with the help of community policing concept. May Sri Lanka Police endure through time executing its legendary mission!



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