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Vigneswaran hints at forming political party

Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Vigneswaran has hinted at forming a new political party at an event organised by the Tamil People’s Alliance (TPA) at the Kandar Madam area recently.

He has said a new people’s movement devoid of party politics is needed to make a revolutionary change in the country. Vigneswaran has said that such movements have made significant social, political changes in other countries and it is time that such a people’s movement begins in Sri Lanka.

Vigneswaran has said he is open for public opinion on forming a people-oriented political movement. He has said the Tamil People’s Alliance has the power of the people for such an endeavour and he is seeking the opinion of the TPA on forming a movement.

The Chief Minister has told that he has several options in politics. “I would have to retire from politics or I should join another political party, or I should form a new political party or else create a people’s movement.

Vigneswaran has said that continuing a newly political party is a great challenge.

TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran has said Vigneswaran is under serious mental pressure, so he is not communicating his ideas correctly. Sumanthiran has said that initially Vigneswaran has spoken of three options he had, but later on, he has put four. Sumanthiran has said the TNA is not responsible for the mental stress that the Chief Minister is undergoing.

MP Sumanthiran has made several observations on the new constitution. He has said a new constitution is a fundamental necessity and the Sinhala majority should accept it.

“All the problems of Tamil people will not be solved by a new Constitution, but a new Constitution is fundamental. Without this, no issue can be addressed,” Sumanthiran said at an event in Galle on Constitutional Reforms.

“In a country with a permanent majority, it is important to share powers of governance in such a way that all people have equal citizenship rights. Sri Lanka’s Sinhala majority acknowledges injustice of simple majoritarian rule and clamour for reform and justice for other people,” he said. 


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