OVER 150,000 NEW VOTERS REGISTERED | Page 2 | Daily News


* No. of registered voters reach 16 mn
* Official electoral list to be released by mid October

Over 150,000 new voters have been registered in 2018 and will be eligible to vote for the Provincial Council elections, Additional Commissioner of Elections (Legal and Investigation) M. M. Mohamed said yesterday.

“Accordingly, the total number of registered voters will reach 16 million,” he added.

Mohamed also said that the Election Commission will be able to release the official electoral list 2018 by the second week of October.

“The Commission has now reached the last stage of finalising the 2018 electoral list,” he also added.

Responding to the Daily News, Mohamed said the temporary voter list is already available on the Commission’s website for the information of the general public from August 10. Twenty eight days have been allotted for the public to file any appeal in reference to matters in the temporary list.

“Any interested citizen can access this list and check whether their names appear in it. If not, they can file an appeal to the Commission saying that their names do not appear in the temporary list. Then the Commission will inquire upon the matter. The general public can file appeals until September 6 but not further,” Mohamed pointed out.

Mohamed also explained that the newly added vote base mainly include voters who have reached the minimum voting age of 18. The new voters also include those who were abroad and have returned for permanent residency in Sri Lanka and those who are ex-convicts who have completed their prison terms, Mohamed pointed out.

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