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[CITIZENS' Mail - (03-09-2018)]

Colombo Dental Hospital, an eyesore

The unavailability of a canteen at the Colombo Dental Hospital is a grave and serious shortcoming.

This government hospital located close to the Colombo Eye Hospital, usually gets filled with hundreds and thousands of dental patients who come for treatments, from various distant places such as, Beruwala, Kalutara, Matara, Hambantota, Kandy etc. Among them there are infants, school children, old people and pregnant ladies and the clergy who faces much inconveniences due to non-availability of a proper place to have something to eat or drink.

At the OPD the patients are much inconvenienced due to the quick disappearance of the patients’ calling number which is displaced on the TV screen. Patients are of the view that all other unnecessary numbers displayed on the TV screen, except the calling number should be erased, otherwise the patient who seeks his or her reference number (calling number) gets confused, when looking for the relevant number.

If any patient misses his/her calling number displayed on the TV screen, at any unexpected moment, the relevant patient is urged to rush to the counter for getting the missed number.

But unfortunately, the unkind counter clerk (man or a woman) gets annoyed when the patient asks for the number and blames very unkindly.

Then, the patient will have to rush to the ground floor counter where all the counter clerks are helpful and kind to give the missed number soon.

It is much known and everybody knows that the majority of government hospital workers, including the doctors are extremely unkind, cruel and unhelpful towards innocent helpless patients when asking for a help.

This writer, therefore wants the Health Ministry authority and the Health Minister to look into the affairs and services and duties done by the so called ‘Nightingales’ and doctors in government hospitals, and take necessary actions against those who work unkindly, mercilessly and inhumanely regarding the treatments and services towards patients.

H. L. Sunil Shantha



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