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Emerging Vietnam as a powerful country

In view of the 73rd National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam which fell yesterday

In 1930, Naguen Ai Quok aka Ho Chi Minh established the Communist Party of Indo China in Vietnam. It paved the way to the National Movement in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh educated the general people on the nature of colonialism and the class strata of Vietnam social structure. Vietnam’s National Movement gradually integrated with the National Liberation Struggle. Then the Vietnamese people understood that the future society should transform into a socialist society.

With the leadership of the Communist Party, they were able to integrate masses such as workers, peasants, male and female, youth and intellectuals to one platform on a large scale. This led to the establishment of relations with the worldwide progressive and revolutionary movements.

During World War II, the Vietnamese people were geared up for the national liberation movement. With the launching of an armed struggle against the French Colonialism and Japanese aggression by the liberation forces of Vietnam, they established the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on September 2, 1945.

With the aim of re-invading Vietnam, the French colonialists waged another war in December, 1946. This compelled Ho Chi Minh to assemble the Vietnamese as a nation to fight back and protect newly established Democratic Republic. Following the lapse of seven years of war, Ho Chi Minh provided leadership to win the war against the French Forces in 1954 which took place at the Dien Bien Phu. After the Geneva Convention, Vietnam was demarcated temporarily into two at the 17th post of the Benhai River. Thereby, the French Forces were withdrawn totally from Vietnam.

War destruction

Vietnam had to be united after conducting an election in 1956. With the assistance of America, administrators in the South objected to this. While building Socialism in North Vietnam, people had to fight severely against neo-colonialism. On April 30, 1975, they were able to reunite Vietnam by chasing out the Saigon Forces who were being assisted by the American Forces at that time. After that, the emphasis was made on the destructive problems faced by them. Bombs had been used against Vietnam which was three times bigger than the bombs used for the World War II. Twenty million of holes of bomb-shelling were left behind. Damage was prevalent across the island. Likewise, out of 15,000 villages nearly 9,000 villages were damaged in South Vietnam.

Economic centres, bridges and roads which belonged to North Vietnam were attacked by these nasty forces. The shortcomings and difficulties of the economic situation in the country circa 1981 were analysed thoroughly. But the results were not so satisfactory. Between 1984 and 1985, agricultural activities were at a standstill and the economic inflation rose up to 500 percent. Common masses started to migrate by boats. A new economic programme such as ‘re-emerging doimoi’, ‘acceptance of truth and to face challenges’ was put forward by the governing Communist Party of Vietnam in 1986.

Thirty two years have lapsed since the adoption of the doimoi reconstruction programme which was adopted in 1986 by the sixth National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam. A new Chapter has been created on this modern programme of three decades of the History of Vietnam. This helps achieve the requirement of the Vietnam population of 85 million.

Economic development

Today, Vietnam is among the fast emerging countries in Asia on economic development. Vietnam is behind China in economic development. However, China is now being superseded by Vietnam on poverty alleviation. Townships in Vietnam are great in appearance and busy in reality. In 1992, the poverty level was at 30 percent. It has now come down to 5 percent. According to the estimates of the United Nations, Vietnam will reach the world targets of the poverty alleviation soon.

Today, the cultural life of Vietnam is of a very high level. The interest of the Vietnamese people in news, information, newspapers, magazines, sports and social partnership has increased considerably. About 54 numerous categories of nations live in Vietnam and they always take steps to strengthen cultural heritages and lawfulness. Co-existence among them has been fulfilled under the stage patronage.

Although they have achieved these targets, they expect to reach the level of high-technique by 2020. History of 25 years of development will not be a long period. But their historical achievements through Doimoi will be recognized and honoured internationally in the future decades of the new millennium.

Vietnam is an emerging mighty state, the 73rd National day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was celebrated this year. We also celebrate the 107th anniversary of the visit of Ho Chi Minh to Sri Lanka. We also celebrate the 107th anniversary of the visit of Ho Chi Minh to Sri Lanka. On his way to France, Ho Chi Minh spent one night in the Colonial Hotel in Colombo on June 14, 1911 (now it is called the New Colonial Hotel). Vietnam Embassy in Sri Lanka was re-established in 2011. It is a stepping stone in strengthening relations between Sri Lanka and Vietnam on economic, cultural and other numerous activities. 

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