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Relief for organic farmers

The Agriculture Ministry on Wednesday issued a circular providing relief to farmers engaged in organic farming.

This Circular has been issued following the directions given to the relevant authorities to implement a mechanism to provide relief for farmers engaged in organic farming by Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera promote organic farming in Sri Lanka.

According to the Circular No: 7/1/3/PSM(KP)2018/Yala, Rs.18,000 will be provided per hectare from the next Maha season for farmers to obtain organic fertiliser.

The fertiliser subsidy programme implemented during the previous regime had been cancelled by the Yahapalana Government considering the damage caused by chemical fertilisers to human lives and to the soil. Considering the repeated requests made by farmers, the government had taken measures to bring back the fertiliser subsidy programme.

Accordingly, a fertiliser subsidy is given to farmers cultivating with chemical fertiliser.

The government provides a 50 kg bulk of fertiliser for the use of paddy cultivation at Rs.500 and a 50 kg bulk of fertiliser for other crops for Rs.1,500.

However, Agriculture Ministry sources state to date,no relief has been provided to encourage farmers engaged in organic farming. About 5,000 farmers are engaged in organic farming.

Minister Amaraweera said the Cabinet approval had also been received to provide funds for the purchase of organic fertiliser for the Maha Season in 2018. 


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