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Mixed priorities of the Traffic Police

One observes dozens of Traffic Policemen at various points on city roads. They are supposed to be on traffic duty which includes the enforcement of traffic rules and also to ensure that pedestrians and other road users are safe.

Often one sees them under the shade of trees or chatting away with someone or the other.

At Thummulla roundabout and at Bullers Road R A De Mel junction one sees them but they hardly nab arrant drivers of private buses. Especially at Reid Avenue-Bullers Road junction and at Maya Avenue-Havelock Road junction one often sees bus drivers who increase the speed of their vehicle when they see a motorist who is trying to use his right of way and proceed ahead.

Recently there were half a dozen Traffic Policemen who had come on three motor-cycles waiting at the Model Farm Road – Castle Street traffic light waiting in ambush not to nab errant motorist who drive on the other side of the centre line but to issue spot fines to persons who come from Cotta Road end towards the junction and want to turn left towards the Castle Street Hospital. There is supposed to be a Traffic light installed which is not right ahead or on the left side of the road but about 30 degrees to the left of the middle.

I observed over 10 motorists being issued spot fine tickets for turning left at this point.

I suggest the IGP instructs the City Traffic Police to be stationed at Havelock Road roundabout and at Thummulla junction and to nab errant private but drivers who try to bulldoze their way through.

I also suggest he instructs his officers to utilize the recordings of CCTV cameras that have been installed at these points and issue tickets fining them.

C. Atukorala


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