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Outstanding magazine journalism

The 37th issue of a once in the two-month literary journal from North Central Province (August-September, 2018) has just arrived from Padihal Publication, 52, Thurukaragama in Kahatagasdigiliya. The name of the journal is ‘Padihal’ and is edited by a Peradeniya University Tamil Honours graduate, Wasim Akram. It has 54 pages.

This issue contains very readable material for serious readers.

Originally from Lanka Lekshmanan Murugapoopathy living in Negombo was driven to be an expatriate in Melbourne, Australia. While contributing to Australian Tamil Literature, he has not forgotten his routes in Lanka where he served as a journalist for the Virakeasari. He continues to write about Lankan writers from Australia. He is a creative writer and a humanist.

For instance, L. Murugapoopathy has written a very useful informative article on Vanniakulam whose research on the Tamil dialects in Lankan Tamil fiction stands as an outstanding work.

Sabri M Shafie from Puwelikada has sent a rhythmic poem on his childhood. Aiyman records literary events in the Anuradhapura district. We come to know how Tamil is flourishing particularly with the Muslim community in the district. S. Gnanarasa’s ethical verse is a good reminder for all of us when human values are no more respected. Alex Paranthaman has written a moving story based on the situation in the Vanni district. Seyin Thambi Ziam from Kalmunai has written a lovable romantic poem.

R M. Naushad’s (N A Theeran) novel “Naddumai” which won the first prize in a competition organized by an Indian Tamil literary magazine and bare comments in the passing of his short stories related by Jeffrey Haasan.

Two poems by N Karunakaran, who writes poetry of distinction and also his own viewpoints on contemporary local politics also adorn this issue.

Maana Makeen reminisces on the late N S M Ramiah’s (a pioneer hill country writer, whose Short Stories were well received) radio plays over the then Radio Ceylon.

There is a note on a website known as Norhtsri.com which is the first one to function in Anuradhapura.

MC Razmin analyzes the concept of ethnic-relations Vis a Vis the Sinhala Novel. The writer is also a Tamil Honours graduate from the University of Peradeniya.

Mihinthalae A Farris writing from Kaddukkeliyawa thinks that some Tamil Proverbs are misinterpreted by some. Maranello's U. Nizar’s, poetry book is mentioned in the journal.

Belarus writer Svetlana Alexi ich’s interview in English is rendered in Tamil by Ibnu Aiyeesha and finally, there is a short story by Nachchiatheevu Abu Nuhaa.

All in all, this journal is a pointer that Lankan Tamil Literature is not produced only in the North, East, Central Hills and the West, but also in the North Central, North Western, and Southern Provinces too.

Unfortunately, the Sinhala and English readers do not know anything about the literary activities.

A majority of Sinhala people do not know the actualities of the Tamil and Muslim communities living in the North, East, South East, Uva and the central hills. Likewise, most of the Tamil people living in the above areas do not know anything about the actualities of the Sinhala people. We live in watertight compartments and think of damaging politics only.

Literature and the Arts are some ways to communicate and understand as each other as mere human beings. Language has become a barrier.

Unfortunately, because of the hurried Sinhala only, and the Tamil only in education, a vast majority of younger generation instead of love is prompted by hate.

This state of affairs negates the idea of a Sri Lankan identity. 


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