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Between goal and accomplishment

Mahinda College, Galle
Head Boy of Mahinda College Kushan Lakshitha. Pictures by Ruwan de Silva
Head Boy of Mahinda College Kushan Lakshitha. Pictures by Ruwan de Silva

Head Boy of Mahinda College Galle Kushan Lakshitha understands that a well -organized mind and a well- organized life is the path to success and peace. Perfect Prefects features Lakshitha who believes that discipline is essential for progress.

“When you take a Head Prefect he/she must have all-round personality. If he/she is good at sport and does not have discipline then he or she is unsuccessful. If he/she is good at studies but has no discipline then he/she is unsuccessful. If he/she is good at both sports and studies but has no discipline then he/she is unsuccessful. But if he or she is disciplined then he or she has what it takes to succeed. So ideally the Head Prefect need to be good at sports and studies but being disciplined is the most important facet of the personality. Definitely, the importance of studies must be instilled in a student and extracurricular activities are necessary, providing the child with the necessary soft skills to help him survive in the world,” said Lakshitha.


Lakshitha also stressed that there has to be self-disciplined. And by being self-disciplined you need to put your life in order. Because if you do not put your life in order then the first thing that suffers is your family and then the next thing that suffers is your work.

“In society, there is a need for discipline. If you take a country, society and family there has to be a certain standard of discipline and it needs to be a high standard of discipline. If there is a deterioration when it comes to discipline then the system falls apart. The family environment must be positive because families build nations. Do the right thing in life and love your country,” explained Lakshitha.

Lakshitha is appalled by de-humanization. This is particularly upsetting because we are all human. There is very little respect for each other in society.

“There is a lot of discrimination in society and some people are forced into places or situations that are degrading. The poor are marginalized and sometimes the sick are abandoned because of their condition in life. This is especially saddening to me because they need to be helped. We need to take notice of them. We need to stop fighting and start healing,” elucidated Lakshitha.

Youth strength

Lakshitha’s message to young people is to make something of themselves. He encourages young people to love their parents and take care of their parents.

“Always keep away from doing wrong. Keep away from bad company. Learn right from wrong. Distinguish right from wrong. Learn about life’s lessons. This may sound simple but in actuality it is difficult. A country can only prosper with the strength of its youth. You need to love yourself and you need to love your country. Do the right thing in life and stop pointing fingers at others and change yourself,” said Lakshitha.

He maintains that his goal in life is to be a citizen that can be of use to the nation. His goal is not to be glamorous. What he wants is to be educated and lead an ethical lifestyle. He also commented that he would like to earn his bread and butter by being a lawyer.

“There is a way to behave in public. You need to respect other people as human beings. You need to maintain goodwill amongst people and yourself. At the end of the day I want to be educated and known as someone who does the right thing in life,” explained Lakshitha.

He is possessed of an inquisitive nature and has the bravery to discover.

Powerful knowledge

“I have self –belief and I am sensitive. I also have a lot of curiosity. I want to know how things work and why things work. I believe that knowledge is power. I have this great hunger for knowledge and I feel that you need to understand the world around you,” explained Lakshitha.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, the former KGB agent and intelligence officer is a key figure in international politics. His presence on the world stage has one of great impact.

“One world leader I admire is Russian President Vladimir Putin because he does not let anything interfere with his priorities. He carries on his family life and political life and does not mix these two. He does not let external forces shake his resolve. He does what he has to do. I also admire cricket sensation Kumar Sangakkara because of his versatile personality and his great cricketing feats,” said Lakshitha.

When faced with a particularly challenging situation, Lakshitha will examine every possible outcome, scenario and eventuality. He will then come up with the ideal plan.

“When solving a problem or encountering a difficulty I usually want to cover all my bases. I will normally ask advice from someone who is more senior to me,” stated Lakshitha.

One attribute of Lakshitha is the fact that he is in no way disheartened by society. He has seen the positive side of society. This trust in society has enabled him to go forth with confidence. He has encountered people with the milk of human kindness. He has security and he trusts.

Courageous strength

“When I first entered Mahinda College there was really nothing that stood out about me. However, Mahinda College brought out the hidden qualities in me and my hidden potential. I owe a lot to Mahinda College and my parents. I have received strength and encouragement from people,” added Lakshitha.

Lakshitha commented that when you are a Mahindian you are instantly recognized. People know that you have skill and character. He proudly points out, that when you say you went to Mahinda, people expect great things from you.

“Mahinda College celebrates 126 years this year. School life has been a joy and been immensely beneficial to me. I have learnt how to interact with people. I have learnt how to carry myself confidently. I have learnt to express myself with assurance. I am forward and can talk to anyone in society. I am not intimidated,” pointed out Lakshitha.

A passionate cricketer and a keen follower of the game, Lakshitha looks forward to the big match between Mahinda College Galle and Richmond College Galle. This gives him a swell of pride.

“Watching the match is such an exhilarating experience. Being a student of Mahinda gives me such great pride and happiness when I am at this event. Being the head prefect of the school is special because I do a lot of work willingly for my school since I love it and it gives me such pleasure. I also want to say that I get a lot of satisfaction helping people in society,” added Lakshitha.

Lakshitha also never fails to acknowledge is Principal Gamini Jayawardane for the unwavering support given to him. He would also like to thank his master in charge Chamara Roshan. 


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