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Government abolished fascist rule: Rahuman

The government had laid the groundwork to take persons involved in corruption to task by amending laws, setting up an Anti-corruption High Court and Independent Commissions, Parlimentarian Mujibur Rahuman said yesterday. He added that two High Courts would be set up soon as well.

The Special High Court would take up the Rs.41-million fraud case against Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, MP Rahuman said.

He said that the times to come were crucial, and that certain forces would attempt to bring back fascism that thrived during the Rajapaksa regime. Highlighting former minister Basil Rajapaksa’s statement on abolishing high courts, Rahuman said the Rajapaksas and their henchmen were intimidated by such establishments because they were corrupt.

“If their hands are clean, why should they be afraid of courts? They can come and give evidence, and if they are not guilty, they will be free, ” he said, “The reason why they are afraid of this establishment is because they are guilty.”

The MP urged the public not to allow such politicians to regain power as they would destroy the milestones reached by the Good Governance Government. He added that the present government’s jurisdiction was independent, unlike the previous regime’s.

“During the Rajapaksa regime, the Attorney-General’s (AG’s) Department was controlled by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The Chief Justice (CJ) was appointed by him. At present, important posts such as the CJ, AG, and Inspector General of Police are appointed by a constitutional council, as provisioned by the 19th Amendment to the constitution. All these contribute to the independent system we seek to establish,” he said.

“At present, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa could get an order preventing his arrest. Such an action was not possible for Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka during the Rajapaksa regime. Hence, it is evident that the government had created a setting for independent operation of the jurisdiction and other government institutions,” he added.

MP Rahuman said the present government was not influencing investigations being conducted into the Treasury bond issue.

Asked if President Maithripala Sirisena had shown any interest in making former President Mahinda Rajapaksa the Prime Minister, MP Rahuman said that the President would not consider it.

Highlighting the Provincial Council election’s postponement, MP Rahuman said they were ready to hold the election according to the previous electoral system, if the new system was yet to be amended.

Asked if a group of United National Party (UNP) backbenchers were ready to support the Joint Opposition, MP Rahuman said no backbencher would support the JO.

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