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Singing a different tune

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it” – Robin Williams

World dominance is their ambition, says Chathuranga Pitigala and Sasith Gamage. And who better to conquer the world than two talented scientists! Mad Scientist is the newest group to join the fray with their unique music. Melodies talks to Pitigala and Gamage on this new experiment in music!

“Mad Scientist is actually a name that was coined by our band mates from “Constellation”. We thought it was a cool name and then it stuck. Right now it is just two of us,” said Sasith Gamage.

Mad Scientist is a group that have an exciting array of music to offer. Their fans can expect something very different from the normal mainstream music. It is a totally new experience for the two band members as well. They feel the kind of music they have to offer can really put you in an excellent mood regardless of how your day has been.

“Our prime genres are drum and bass and angry electronic music. We have plans to touch on Avante Garde metal as well, with glitch, drum and bass, break-beat and garage influences,” stated Sasith Gamage.

Gamage stresses that they are the FIRST live drum and bass project from Sri Lanka. Mad Scientist are in their element performing live. They are in their territory when playing live! These two energetic musicians feed off the excitement and enjoyment of the crowd when playing live!

“It’s just two of us for starters in the group. We play the drums, bass patches and synths live, while effects, bass, guitars and certain synth elements are played via a backing track. Basically, 70 percent to 80 percent of what we play are performed live. Besides, we are the first live drum and bass project from Sri Lanka. We are a duo who are serious about the craft we make, and have fun at it the same time,” explained Gamage

The artistes they love include artists such as Pendulum, Joe Ford, Icicle, Destroid, KJ Sawka, Excision, Igorr, and a ton of metal bands ranging from Progressive to Death and Black Metal.

Pitigala described the duo as two young guys ready to take on the world. They have set their sights on gaining the world. And they are going to do this by the power of their music but first they are going to take our island nation by storm!

“Our ambition is Global Dominance. Where we will be in 10 years from now is a truly profound question, and truth be told we don’t know! Where we’re hoping to see us would be touring the world as a renowned act. That would be great,” explained Pitigala.

Both Pitigala and Gamage complement each other. Pitigala works hand in glove with Gamage. They understand and respect each other and the road has not been easy for the two of them. But right now they are doing what they both enjoy which is making music. They are answering their calling in life.

“I always knew Sasith to be an extremely disciplined and capable musician, and I know he feels the same about me. Individually, however we have both gone through a lot of hardship to be able to do what we have to do. Being a musician in Sri Lanka isn’t the easiest of passions, especially if it involves composing original music outside of the very saturated popular genres. It takes a lot of conviction, integrity and focus,” pointed out Pitigala.

Their performances speak for themselves. They have been well received by their audience and this is very encouraging for these two young men. They have tasted their fame and now they just want to build on this. They have a bright future.

“We use technology for the most part, and we also use backing tracks and metronomes to make sure that we provide a unique experience,” said Pitigala.

Pitigala commented that they really want to grow as a band. They are just waiting for the right musicians to appear at the right time. They are positive when thinking about the growth of the band. Both he and Gamage are the pillars of the band and new blood will only take their dreams further.

“Although Sasith and myself are the core at the moment, we are definitely very enthusiastic about collaborating with the right individuals,” said Pitigala.

They love their fans as much as their fans love them. They will always be true to their fans never compromising on standard, originality and authenticity. Their fans are always in their thoughts and it is relationship that will sustain and strengthen both Pitigala and Gamage. They can achieve their dreams because they have the talent and the determination. Making music is sweet!

“We want to say to our fans - be true to yourself, never give in to ignorance, and always strive for excellence. We’d also like to say we love you all very much,” summed up Pitigala. 


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