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[CITIZENS' Mail - (27-08-2018)]

It is time to do away with the drugs

President Maithripala Sirisena has said he will use his powers to place his signature to execute the death sentence on traffickers sentenced for drug offences. This shows how serious this drug abuse problem is.

Immediate action should be taken to stop imports, usage and trafficking in Sri Lanka. We thank the media for educating the public on the dangers of this issue.

We have to bring about awareness on this matter and implement the laws against drug abuse.

Police, Navy, Coast Guards, Air Force and Special Task Force have to work together to control this menace. It is necessary to provide more trained staff to Police Narcotics Bureau.

Drugs come into Sri Lanka from Pakistan and India through marine sources. Religious leaders are taking lot of interest to eradicate this drug menace. The action they take are very effective. We thank them and expect more support from these religious leaders. In Sri Lanka the narcotics drug problem has become so acute as about 30 per cent of the prison inmates consisted of drug related criminals and about 80 per cent of them are the flowering youth of the nation.

The government as well as parents should devote their attention towards protecting children from this tragic situation.

Dharmadasa Weeratunga



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