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‘Crowning a Rajapaksa only a dream’

Better prospects for Common Candidate:

None of the Rajapaksa family members as a prospective Presidential candidate would be a challenge to a common Presidential candidate as he would contest with the approval and patronage of a number of main parties in the current ruling alliance, Southern Province Chief Minister Shan Wijayalal de Silva said.

He was addressing the media at Dakshina Paya in Labuduwa, Galle, recently. “Under any circumstances, the United National Party would support a Common Candidate for the third consecutive time, as the country’s contemporary political reality commands so. “Hence, the Common Candidate, who secures the blessings of the majority of leading political parties and movements in the country, has the capacity to face any of the prospective candidates of the Rajapaksa family,” he added.

Under even favourable conditions at the previous Local Government Election, the Podu Jana Perumuna could not secure even 50 percent of the total aggregate of voters. By now, the situation has changed.

Chances are more for a common nominee brought forward by a number of parties led by the SLFP and UNP to win the next Presidential election, the Chief Minister said. “In such a unified effort, many of the groups and fractions loyal to the Joint Opposition would also join hands with a Common Candidate.

“Hence, the dream of crowning a Rajapaksa will never come true,” the Chief Minister added.


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