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Ayan Vassana Kaalo

Blossomed forth into the Universe
Sakyamuni Gauthama as a gift glorious
His search for truth leading to enlightenment
In the universe, nothing is more significant
He preached his first ever discourse
To five ascetics at Isipatana Benares
He advised them to spread it to all mankind
Inclusive of all beings in the whole world
When the monsoon breaks however
It was not possible to engage in Sasanic tour
This period is called Vas, meaning rain
Which drives Sangha to be exceptionally sane
It is said that Buddha observed first Vassana
With his first disciples at Isipatana
From this day Bhikkus stay indoors with great piety
Without going for alms even to a place in the vicinity
This period beginning with the dawn of Vassana
Is an eventful, religious period in Buddha sasana
Every monk blessed with the highest ordination
Is entitled to observe Vas for their liberation
They invite Sangha to observe rains retreat
Called “Vas Aradhana” in their temple seat
With great care, they see to the Sangha comfort
Making offerings, they are looked after with the genuine effort
Also a great religious performance of great merit
Achieved by the laity purely to their credit
This is believed to be the highest merit bestowing event
During which laity follow Dhamma to their heart's content
They get involved in religious activities, three-fold
To gain enormous merit untold
They are Dhana, Seela, Bhawana
Which they engage in, unfailingly during Vassana
They provide the Sangha with all essentials
In gratitude for their service in Dhamma and religious rituals
The offering of Siwpasa occupies the highest position
Comprising of robes, alms, shelter and medical care
Thousands of devotees participate with overflowing Shraddah
Because we feel the island is being blessed by the living Buddha

Rupa Banduwardena 


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